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Thursday, 3rd December 1936
Farewell from Günter Albrecht, Helene Fera and the Hoppes..

Last order of books at Saucke - Windelband Geschichte der Philosophie and Huizinga's Holland -, farewell from Günter Albrecht. They will meet once more in Berlin, and Beckett will write two letters and a few postcards to Albrecht, that have only recently been discovered in Albrecht's estate.
The last cash withdrawal from a Hamburg bank, then once more to Bellevue.
Today Beckett signs the guestbook of the Fera family..


As a farewell gift to the Hoppes: 25 cigars zu 25 & Frau H. 6 Nelken.

Mrs. Hoppe construes Beckett's character as a mixture of Widder & Venus... Make an unappreciated epigram. Ich weiß ungefähr was ich tue, was ich bin weiß ich gar nicht.

In the evening, a little farewell party in the boarding house.
Fera guestbook Gästebuch von Helene Fera  
Gästebuch von Helene Fera  
Postkarte von Beckett an Günter Albrecht  
Postcard sent by Beckett to Günter Albrecht from Paris, 22.12.1937
Pension Hoppe Schlüterstrasse Pension Hoppe
Gästebuch von Helene Fera