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Beckett visits the Hamburger Kunsthalle eleven times throughout his nine-week
stay, and makes notes on around 150 paintings. On 9/10/36 he writes to his
friend Thomas MacGreevy, later to become director of the Dublin National
Gallery: "The building is magnificent and the pictures admirably presented (one
line hanging against matt white throughout)". In each of the altogether 23 cities Beckett visits on this trip to Germany, his main interest is drawn by the museums.


... Fine Building & superb presentation ...

On his last visit to the Kunsthalle on 19th November, several buildings have
already been taken down and stored in the Magazin (repository). These included
Nolde's painting "Christus und die Kinder" ("Christ and the Children"), which
Beckett was so impressed by, that I want to spend a long time before it, & play it over much like the record of a quartet.

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