Hamburg Painters
Drink & Food
Friday, 27th November 1936
Purchases. Bar Tour.
Purchase of an address-book and the contemplation of whether all might not be
lost with Ilse Lynn Schneider. But in vain! The "zu Drängende" ("too forward-
pressing") is turned away at the door by a servant-girl, informing him that Ilse
was abed.
Bar tour with Claudia Asher.
On foot by various ways to Fleetenkieker.I have a Fleetenkieker, she a Brühe. Unpleasant hole, for Americans.

Then to alte Börse. She eats a Pastete, I drink an other Grog, bottle again left on table. Write a poem about Paternoster, Heraclitus, etc.
in the Fleetenkieker