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Sunday, 18th October 1936
Bicycles. Kunsthalle.
On Beckett's 3rd Sunday in Hamburg, the "Championship of Newspaper Delivery
Cyclists" is carried out.
Beckett, himself a passionate rider of bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes, was
renowned for his reckless driving style, his Foxrock appearance in leather cap
and protective goggles legendary.
So typically Beckett, today once again sees the banal immediately followed by
the "elevated". Seamlessly. As soon as the bicycle race is over, he visits the
Kunsthalle again.

Out early, trotz dem Wetter.

... dreimal rund um die Aussen-Alter , under the pours of rain. Dem Sieger ein Motorrad. Won by Fremdenblatt.

Championship of Newspaper
Delivery Cyclists