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Sunday, 25thOctober 1936
Helene Fera. Benno Diederich.
Ohlsdorf Cemetary.
Around eleven o'clock Beckett walks to Bellevue 8, to visit Helene Fera,
president of the "International Office", founder of the "Frauenausschusses zur
Betreuung in Hamburg lebender Ausländer" ("Women's Board for the Care of Foreigners Living in Hamburg"). She is considered to be the "Switchboard" for
international contacts and becomes one of the most important figures for Beckett
in Hamburg. On 15th February 1937 in Dresden he remembers her as "Die beste
ihres Geschlechts, die ich getroffen habe und treffen werde in diesem oder fast jedem anderen Land

Fera Herr u. Frau. Charming. Sweet wine & good sherry.

In Diederich's apartment He pours out his Lebensbahn. Besides, the guest learns everything there is to know about "literary societies" in Hamburg, some views on Thomas Mann - Buddenbrooks entirely Schlüsselroman. Mann himself the child that dies.

Ohlsdorf: ... then drag exhaustedly back to Hauptein/ausgang by Wasserturm ... behind a yew hedge, with the air of a regular weekend mourner, a Leidtragender Trostsuchend-und findender.
Here he also meets Dr. Benno Diederich, translator of Zola and Daudet.
Near evening first visit of Ohlsdorf cemetary, which receives a later literary
treatment in his story "First Love".
Benno Diederich   Benno Diederich
Wasserturm   Friedhof Ohlsdorf
Water tower Ohlsdorf Cemetery
House of Fera family, Bellevue 8   Haus der Familie Fera
Charlotte Fera, daughter of Helene Fera, with child   Charlotte Fera
Helene Fera in the midst of her students (her in middle rear)   Helene Fera
Haus der Familie Fera