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Thursday, 19th November 1936
Last visit to Kunsthalle. In the Magazin.
11th and last visit to Hamburger Kunsthalle. Here, too, the "Säuberungsappell" ("Cleansing Appeal") of 5th November seems to have taken effect. Some paintings have been rehung. Start with copperplate cabinet. Request for viewing of works by Schmidt-Rottluff and Kirchner, as recommended by Rosa Schapire.
Then entry into Magazin (Repository).
In the evening cinema in company of Claudia Asher.

The Magazin (Repository) includes Nolde's "Christus und die Kinder" ("Christ and the Children"), a painting that impressed Beckett to the extent, that I want to spend a long time before it, & play it over & over like the record of a quartet.

On the film "Frau ohne Bedeutung" ("A Woman of No Importance"): Beneath criticism.


Cinema poster »A Woman of No Importance«
From the records of the Kunsthalle