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Saturday, 21st November 1936
Sauerlandt Family. Hamburger Dom.

In the afternoon visit to Alice Sauerlandt, widow of Max Sauerlandt, the former
curator of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe ("Museum of Art and Trades")
(died 1934), to purchase his book "Die Kunst der letzten 30 Jahre" ("Art of the
past 30 years"). Beckett encounters 2 daughters and the son in their house,
Loogestraße 26. A house filled with famous "forbidden" paintings and sculptures. Emil Nolde's Herrscher and Die Feriengäste are hanging from the walls alongside watercolours by
Schmidt-Rottluff and Kirchner and drawings by Nass and Wolff. Hanging among them, Beckett sees his first painting by the Swiss painter Karl Ballmer, a close friend of the family, who lived in Hamburg at the time.
In the evening with Claudia Asher to the Hamburger Dom (large funfair on the
site of Hamburg's former cathedral). Abends mit Claudia Asher zum Dom.

  Hamburger Dom Hamburger Dom Hamburger Dom
At the Hamburger Dom
Hamburger Dom Hamburger Dom Hamburger Dom Hamburger Dom
    Buch Sauerlandt Haus Sauerlandt 1  
    Sauerlandt book House
    Wohnung Sauerlandt Wohnung Sauerlandt  
    Apartment Sauerlandt  

Ask a Schupi where is Loogestr.

About 10 to Dome. The usual. Have a ride on Radseilbahn. Too slow. She nearly loses her hat. There is the »Seeungeheuer v. Lough Ness« & two »Jonathan Swift booths«! Don’t stay long.

Buch Sauerlandt