Hamburg Painters
Drink & Food
Wednesday, 25th November 1936
Karl Kluth. Willem Grimm. Hans Martin Ruwoldt.

First thing in the morning to the studio of Karl Kluth, Mittelweg 115 A, again in
company of Margaritha – and a bottle of rum. In the afternoon, tramway line 16 out to Hamm, to see Willem Grimm in the
Ohlendorffhaus, Schwarze Straße 1. A state-funded artist's residence with
studios and apartments for up to sixteen artists (1933 one half was still inhabited
by "Secession" members). A hearty welcome! Even the sculptor Hans Martin
Ruwoldt leaves his studio to welcome the Irish guest..

Karl Kluth Haus Kluth  
Karl Kluth House Kluth  
Willem Grimm   Hans Martin Ruwoldt
Willem Grimm   Hans Martin Ruwoldt

In Karl Kluths studio Competent ... Couple of good Frauenakts (sic) ... Gegensatz of natural & human.
A pretty Schülerin there.

Grimm's painting most interesting I have yet seen, of Hamburg group ... The verbummelt type that I like.

Karl Kluth