Hamburg Painters
Drink & Food
Sunday, 29th November 1936
First Advent. Thalia Theater. The Albrechts in Horn.
Beckett feels increasingly unwell, finds it difficult to get up in the morning. He
attends an afternoon performance in the Thalia Theater, "Der Unentbehrliche"
("The Indispensable") by Martin Rabe.
In the evening tramway line 31 to Horner Stieg, where Günter Albrecht lives
with his parents and five siblings. Conversations, meal. Afterwards studio visit to a friend of Albrecht's.
Back to Dammtor via line 16.
Thalia Theater: leave before end.

At Albrecht's: tiny room all from his own hand. Talented youth. Eat cheese & sausage. See the mother & youngest Klaus. 4 brothers, sister & father in background.

Thalia Theater
Thalia Theater
Günter Albrecht
Günther Albrecht
Eltern Günter Albrecht
Günter Albrecht's parents at living room table
Bruder Klaus
youngest Klaus
Wohnblock Horner Stieg
Apartment building Horner Stieg
Wohnblock Horner Stieg