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Monday, 12th October 1936
International Office. Contacts.
Kurt Hoppe introduces his friend at the International Office, Klopstockstrasse 31
(then at Dammtor). It was incorporated into German universities in 1928, and
one of its tasks was "to inform foreign countries about studies and life in
Hamburg and to make the stay and studies of foreign students residing in or
travelling through Hamburg as beneficial and convivial as in any way possible." It
also gave German students and young academics the opportunity to apply for a
year's studies abroad.
Here Beckett meets Dr. Hellmuth Reichert*.

... when eventually after much H H Anschluß with Herr Dr. Reichert aus Schlesien.

H H , Beckett's abbreviation for the Hitler salute! Würste in Bierstube. HH ohne Unterlass.

Last entry today: Tired to bed. Tischlampe kaputt.


*Hellmuth Reichert, born in Breslau, was an economist who worked for the
International Office as he had been freed from both labour- and military services
due to an arm injury he had suffered in his childhood. He died in 1954 in


International Office