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Wednesday, 28th October 1936
Saucke Bookstore. State Library.

Beckett visits Kurt Saucke's famous bookstore in Bergstrasse 23 on numerous
occasions, and most of the books he purchases while in Hamburg are bought
here. The young bookseller Günter Albrecht, as well as Albrecht's friend Axel Kaun, both of whom he meets at Saucke's, clearly belong to those people the acquaintance of whom was somewhat valued by Samuel Beckett – Albrecht in
Hamburg, Kaun later on in Berlin.
Ensuing visit to the Hamburger Staatsbibliothek (State Library of Hamburg), Speersort*.




The Hamburger Staatsbibliothek (State Library of Hamburg), built 1840
alongside the "Gelehrtenschule des Johanneums" ("Johanneum Latin School") on the historical cathedral square at Speersort, burnt down during the air raid
attacks in July 1943, seeing the near complete destruction of its inventory of
then 850,000 volumes. After the war it moved to the Wilhelm grammar school at
Moorweidenstraße, near the university, which is the old building now incorporated into the new Von-Melle-Park complex completed in 1982.

Buchhandlung SauckeKurt Saucke
Saucke bookstore, Bergstrasse 23, Kurt Saucke
Staatsbibliothek entrance Speersort
Staatsbibliothek reading room

Letter from Frau Fera, advising me to go to Saucke ... get a Lustspielsammlung of Kurz Götz.

Reading room of the Staatsbibliothek: Uncomfortable & hostile, like all public reading rooms.

After supper, Mrs. Hoppe grows intimate: The Schön entlobt & she (Frau H.) living apart from the Hinterpommer. Not a word!

Can't talk in the evening im Kreis.

Buchhandlung Saucke