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Drink & Food
Wednesday, 2nd December 1936
Farewell from Margaritha Durrieu.
The last time Beckett visits Margaritha Durrieu he buys her six carnations at the
flower shop at Dammtor station. She bathes Beckett's inflamed finger in
camomile tea and bandages it before a Mr. Greven from the Tageblatt newspaper
joins them. The three of them take time for each other. Conversation on
literature of the 18th century – Greven translates from the English.
Keyserling to be purchased: without difficulty bei Glogau, Bleichenbrücke (ask for Kramer).

The Durrieu’s hint of how unpleasant it could be for her & Frau Fera if I published disparagements of Germany.

Durrieu apartment
Wohnung Durrieu