Hamburg Painters
Drink & Food
Monday, 9th November 1936
Ohlsdorf Cemetary.
2nd visit to Ohlsdorf, extensive tour. Beckett spends a long time searching for
the Geologischer Hügel. At last he is so chilled through and wet that he discards
both his initial idea of eating at Ohlsdorf, as well as a planned and at first merely
postponed visit to the crematorium.

Visit of crematorium Ausgeschlossen, because of Einweihungsfeier (9th Nov. fallen Nazis, 1923(?)).

From the honorary graves to Marble Christ, freilich the appropriate material.

Colder & colder & rain beginning.


Krematorium Crematorium

Brunnen Fountain

Christus Christ

Kalzinierofen Calcining furnace

Geologischer Hügel "Geological Hill"

Postkarte Ohlsdorf Postcard Ohlsdorf

Postkarte Ohlsdorf