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Tuesday, 10th November 1936
Durrieu. Patriotic Society.

In the afternoon, repeated visit to Margaritha Durrieu's collection. In the
evening, reading by Hermann Stehr in the House of the Patriotic Society at
Trostbrücke, much to Beckett's displeasure. Afterwards – for the sake of urgently required consolation - a trip to "Himmelsleiter" ("Jacob's ladder"), Alter
Fischmarkt; one of the oldest ale-houses in Hamburg, boasting a guestbook
dating back to 1880.

Wohnung Durrieu
in the »Himmelsleiter«
Wohnung Durrieu
Patriotische Gesellschaft
Patriotic Society

Crawl out into the misery about 12.30.

Hermann Stehr: Earnest Kitch, delivered in a slink whisper.

Himmelsleiter: Künstlerzimmer, Ahnenzimmer etc. Famous guests: Bismarck, Liliencron, Gorch Fock etc. Pleasant but nothing doing lovely advertisement in Fremdenblatt: »Junggeselle, Naturfreund, 1.75 m., 22 Jahre, Nichttänzer, wünscht solid., liebevolles, evangel. arisches Mädel zwecks Heirat.«

Patriotische Gesellschaft