Hamburg Painters
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Saturday, 14th November 1936
Rosa Schapire.
1st visit to Rosa Schapire*, well known art historicist, Osterbekstrasse 43. The
apartment was decorated by Schmidt-Rottluff. Intense conversation on art.

Pleasant old lady...

Even furniture designed & painted by him. Whole dwelling a shrine to him...
Cigarette boxes, ash-trays, table covers, urns, cushions, bedspreads. All carved & designed or worked from designs by S.R. 52 years old...

*Rosa Schapire, born 1874 in Brody, one of the first female art historicists to make a name for herself internationally. She supported the "Brücke" movement, herself a passive member, she co-founded the "Frauenbunds zur Förderung deutscher bildenden Kunst" ("Women's Alliance for the Support of German Fine Arts") and was co-editor of the magazines Die Rote Erde and Kündung. She translated from out of Polish and French, gave lectures, wrote articles and books, including one about Emil Nolde and one about Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. 1939 she
emigrated to London. The only parts of her extensive art collection to reach England were paintings by Schmidt-Rottluff, alongside a number of his drawings and her collection of postcards. All of the remaining paintings, objets d'art and furniture – stored in a lift-van on the premises of a transport company from Hamburg – were confiscated by the Gestapo in September 1941 and sold off as
"Judengut" ("Jewish assets") at an official auction in October the same year. Rosa Schapire died in 1954 in the Tate Gallery.

Rosa Schapire's apartment, decorated by Rottluff
Wohnung von Rosa Schapire