Hamburg Painters
Drink & Food
Sunday, 15th November 1936
Rosa Schapire. Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
2nd visit to Rosa Schapire. Several painters from Hamburg were also present in the small apartment in Osterbekstraße in Hamburg-Winterhude, and put their
impressions to paper. Thus wrote Arnold Fiedler in a letter addressed to the art
historicist Gerhard Wietek: "From the window one could look out onto the canal
(...) and since it was mostly in the evenings that Rosa Schapire entertained her guests, it tended to be bleary and a hazy grey. The room however, was painted green, bright and quite suited for the powerful colours of Schmidt-Rottluff's
paintings (...)
Go to Schmidt-Rottluff as to a keelhauling. Buffetted.

Went to be mocked, stayed to pray.

"The whole thing gave the impression of an intimate and individual household of someone obsessed with art and paintings." (14th December 1962)
Schmidt-Rottluff portrait Rosa Schapire (Tate Gallery)